Revolution Required

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-Benjamin Franklin


A place for links to music videos that promote liberty and freedom.

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1   Link   Great Rap Video
This is a creative rap song about the NWO over a Jay-Z video. This ought to reach the younger folk.
2   Link   Masters of War
Pearl Jam playing a very telling song.
3   Link   Hurt- Chris Geo- Johnny Cash- Nine Inch Nails
4   Link   We're In A Lot Of Trouble
Check This Out!
5   Link   FTF Films: The Movement [Chris Geo]
Very Cool!
6   Link   Chris Geo- Mad As Hell
We should all be Mad As Hell!
7   Link   Chris Geo - Mad World (Holocaust,then & now) (New World Order) hip hop
How Hip Hop should be!
8   Link   Chris Geo - Sheeps Eyes
Don't give up!
9   Link   Stream Of Consciousness - Global Warning
10   Link   Chris Geo - Repeaters Ft. David Icke
11   Link   Sons Of Liberty
For all the Patriots!
12   Link   Hurt by Chris Geo Featuring Johhny Cash
Pictures speak a 1000 words!
13   Link   Mercenaries 2 Song- "Oh No You Didn't" Full Song
14   Link   New World Order Resistance
15   Link   Exposing The Satanic New World Order Part 1
16   Link   Eminem - Mosh MUSIC VIDEO HQ
17   Link   Freedom Fighter
Video for the song titled "Freedom Fighter" by All For Revenge
18   Link   oakley sunglasses outlet
The humours and dispositions of the Laputians described. An account of their learning. Of the king and his court. The author’s reception there. The inhabitants subject to fear and disquietudes. An account of the women.
At my alighting, I was surrounded with a crowd of people, but those who stood nearest seemed to be of better quality. They beheld me with all the marks and circumstances of wonder; neither indeed was I much in their debt, having never till then seen a race of mortals so singular in their shapes, habits, and countenances. Their heads were all reclined, either to the right, or the left; one of their eyes turned inward, and the other directly up to the zenith. Their outward garments were adorned with the figures of suns, moons, and stars; interwoven with those of fiddles, flutes, harps, trumpets, guitars, harpsichords, and many other instruments of music, unknown to us in Europe. I observed, here and there, many in the habit of servants, with a blown bladder, fastened like a flail to the end of a stick, which they carried in their hands. In each bladder was a small quantity of dried peas, or little pebbles, as I was afterwards informed. With these bladders, they now and then flapped the mouths and ears oakley sunglasses outlet of those who stood near them, of which practice I could not then conceive the meaning. It seems the minds of these people are so taken up with intense speculations, that they neither can speak, nor attend to the discourses of others, without being roused by some external taction upon the organs of speech and hearing; for which reason, those persons who are able to afford it always keep a flapper (the original is climenole) in their family, as one of their domestics; nor ever walk abroad, or make visits, without him. And the business of this officer is, when two, three, or more persons are in company, gently to strike with his bladder the mouth of him who is to speak, and the right ear of him or them to whom the speaker addresses himself. This flapper is likewise employed diligently to attend his master in his walks, and upon occasion to give him a soft flap on his eyes; because he is always so wrapped up in cogitation, that he is in manifest danger of falling down every precipice, and bouncing his head against every post; and in the streets, of justling others, or being justled himself into the kennel.
It was necessary to give the reader this information, without which he would be at the same loss with me to understand the proceedings of these people, as they conducted me up the stairs to the top of the island, and from thence to the royal palace. While we were ascending, they forgot several times what they were about, and left me to myself, till their memories were again roused by their flappers; for they appeared altogether unmoved by the sight of my foreign habit and countenance, and by the shouts of the vulgar, whose thoughts and minds were more disengaged.
19   Link   A New Round of Construction changes in hongxing
With the development of China’s industry, the prospect for the development of the Rotary kiln is infinitely bright. We rarely mentioned the rotary kiln in our lives, and we would not deliberately get to know it, but the rotary kiln has a very long period of history in China. In the actual use of the rotary kiln process, in order to improve the utilization of the metal, sometimes many times of sweep election are needed for refining concentrates in line with national standard. Hongxing Machinery is the manufacturer in Henan introduced mill technology earliest with decades of experience and technology. In fact, the mill can not only use in the processing of calcium carbonate, but also can be used on the powder processing of dolomite, calcite, carbon black, bauxite, diatomaceous earth, and other stone.China is a resource-rich country, but China is a country short of resources, it is because China currently has a population of over 13 million. The huge population has caused tremendous pressure on the utilization of our resources, especially with the economic development in recent years, China’s demand for a variety of resources is increasing, and the contradiction between big demand for resources and sustainable use of resources is more and more prominent. The Rotary kiln is only used for environmental protection in early China, and with the development of technology, the rotary kiln slowly had been out into the limestone process, and the rotary kiln has made a great contribution to cement industry, building materials industry, mining industry, environmental industry and many other industries. With the development of China’s industrial development, the development of rotary kiln will be getting better and better. Nowadays, the production of rotary kiln manufacturers is numerous, which is enough to illustrate the significance of the rotary kiln. Application field of Sand making machine is very wide, commonly used in construction sites, regions such as sand, sand production lines, correspondingly plays a key role in the Cement production line . Strong sand processing equipment is often met in highway, high-speed rail, Metro, large engineering construction project. Sand processing machine equipment in core equipment of whole article line in artificial sand production line, can fine crush hard river pebble, granite, limestone and other material into gravel aggregate meet building sand grain degrees requirements, and keep stones material original characteristics of strong anti-pressure, wear corrosion, etc., which can reduce cost while improve production, guarantee smooth development of infrastructure and also thrive the mining machinery industry development. So, Sand maker plays a very important role in sand production line. powder grinding mill:
20   Link   Stone Crusher Machine Functions
Within outfitted that has a dust excluding plate, very good sealing, steer clear of the splash of fine material, much less dust, low working noise.
Grinding roller is optimized, no have to substitute the mill roll physique throughout the whole lifestyle of equipment operation.

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